Is your Website Mobile Responsive?
In recent years the use of mobile devices for internet search has seen a huge increase, but is YOUR website mobile responsive?

Before mobile responsiveness became so widespread we’d all be “happy” to sit and scroll through a website on our smart phone to find the info we needed, but not any more! As internet users we’ve become a pretty impatient bunch and want everything to appear at the click of a button – literally!

If your website cannot be read easily on a smart phone or tablet, then your potential customers will go to another site to find what they need.

The Benefits of a Mobile Responsive Website
Your responsive web design will look great on all devices, whether your visitors are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

By using mobile responsive web design you don’t restrict what different people see and your audience will always have access to your products or services from whichever device they are using.

Google wants to see that you’ve taken the trouble to make your site accessible to all and favours mobile responsive websites.

Having one mobile responsive website is much more cost effective than building and maintaining both a standard and mobile version of your site.

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