Is it time for a website update?

Come on now… be honest…  If your website is looking outdated and not attracting visitors, it could be time to consider an update.

A good looking, informative website which is optimised for the search engines is THE most cost-effective marketing tool you can invest in, but if the answer to any of the following questions is “no” then it’s definitely time for an updated design!

Update your Website

Is your website:

  • A good reflection of your brand

    Your business is your brand and as such it should be obvious from all your marketing material that it’s from the same business.  The great thing about a website is that once it’s built you can make regular changes to it very cheaply (or at no cost if you manage it yourself).

  • As good as your competitors’ websites

    In today’s competitive marketplace it’s important that you keep up with the competition – if their websites are more appealing to your target market you’re likely to be losing business to them.

  • Responsive

    Today’s websites are all about look, layout and responsive design.  If your website can’t be viewed on a variety of mobile devices, then it’s time for a change.

  • Something you’re proud of

    If you find yourself trying to avoid giving out your website address, then it could be time to bite the bullet and get a new one!

  • Built on an up to date CMS

    If your website was originally built on software that doesn’t have an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) it will be difficult to update and will lack the functionality of modern day CMS’ which enable you to easily make changes and updates.  They also provide many add-ons essential for marketing functions i.e. blogs, sign-up forms, data collection etc.

  • Regularly updated

    If you never update your website because it’s too difficult and fiddly then again, you need a new website built on a good CMS.   A good web designer will build you a website which you can easily update and manage yourself.

  • Generating Leads

    If your website doesn’t generate leads for your business then what’s the point of it?  Your website should have the ability to collect visitor information via contact forms and compelling CTA’s (calls to action).

  • Getting Social Media Attention

    It seems like the whole world is on social media, so if your website is lacking the usual suspects – links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. then you could be missing valuable opportunities.

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